About My Work

Shipwrecked Isle - 2021

Fabric, Maps, Wood

What Do I Do?

As an Artist, I am engaged in a continuous visionary practice, a perpetual and sprawling passion for research, and an ongoing exploration of place.

My work focuses primarily on mythological, esoteric, religious and cultural symbolism; Maps, patterns and Geometry; Hidden, forgotten or imagined histories; and how we can engage with place through active imagination, symbolic dialogue, physical intervention and storytelling.

Seeking to express the interwoven histories, symbolisms and mythologies, in ways which bypass the logical and rational mind, my work aims to speak instead to the subconscious, archetypal mind of symbolism and suggestion, directly.

Whichever medium is best suited to the, often abstract concepts that I wish to communicate, whether this be Visual Art, Painting, Installation, Intervention, Written or Spoken Word, Performance, Video or Music - it is important to me that the emotional impact of the work provokes a shift in perception, or a glimpse of the formless or incommunicable realms of being, which exist in the pre-language, non physical state.

Merging these approaches with an exploration of the historical or cultural significance of place, enables me to bring Myth, Legend and History to life in a way that shows them to be living, active forces, with which we can enter into a dialogue - not a record of the dead past.

Moving with these concepts in a dance between the forms and the formless, between the existent and the non-existent, between the ‘Real’ and the ‘Imagined’ - allows new forms to take shape, and encourages new interventions into the narrative, which have real, tangible impacts on the living myths with which I am engaging.

History comes alive when we allow our imaginations to move beyond the dry facts, and let go of the need to be correct.

When we entwine the symbolism of myth and the history of place together, in active imagination and intervention, we are able to transcend linear time and space thinking, instead launching ourselves into a process of living myth-making, storytelling and visionary experience.

The Grand Temple Of Enchantment - 2021/Ongoing

Digital Drawing made on Google Earth, 256000 Kmsq in Size

King John Kills The White Hart In the Sacred Grove, In the Kings Wood - 2022

Acrylic on Canvas

The insights, inspirations and understandings about ourselves which these practices encourage - ultimately lead to personal transformation through shifts in perception and perspective.

Meditative, creative and visionary practices, which explicitly seek to break down the barriers of logical mind; encourage spontaneous visions; allow the brain to bypass the need for resolution; and teach how to hold paradoxical notions in the mind comfortably - bring a richness of inner experience and provide a constant flow of Inspiration and Mystery to explore.

In this childlike state of wonder, everything becomes a story, everything takes on a mythological hue, and life transforms into a continuous dialogue with the numinous.

All Snarled Up On The M25 - 2020

Maps, Fabric, Wood

Engaging in a practice to create works around these concepts, and approaching creativity from this perspective, shifts work into a state of play and an ever-unfolding mystery, which only deepens the further we explore.

It engenders an approach which prefers open ended, unresolved, interwoven notions, expressed in ways which can be interpreted from myriad perspectives, whilst maintaining a firm foundation in a historically recognisable language of symbolism and meaning.

The work I create is ultimately a by-product of the process of exploration and interaction with the world of the living myth, with which I am continuously involved.

I hope that it is able to penetrate into the living minds of living people with it’s invitation to stop for a moment, let go of the mundane and rational, and slip into another world - another world which is ever present all around us yet seldom seen or experienced, another world in which we are all invited to partake, but which the majority of experience tends to deny.

The Grand Temple Of Enchantment - 2021/Ongoing

Digital Drawing made on Google Earth, 256000 Kmsq in Size


When engaging with visionary experience, instead of asking “Is it Real?” I ask “Does it matter if it’s Real?”

Instead of asking “Do I believe this?” I ask “Does my belief, or lack of, affect the reality of the concept?”

Instead of asking "Is it True?” I ask “Is it useful?” or “Is it having a positive impact?” or “Is it Inspirational?”

Instead of asking “Is this Nonsense?” I ask "Is it Coherent?”

By framing the experiences this way, it is possible to let go of consensus reality, whilst still maintaining sanity - and to explore the outer reaches of the mythic realms, without losing discernment.

In making Art, we are free of the normal constraints of reality - As Artists, it is our job to take that idea as far as is humanly possible, and maybe even beyond.

Delyth Roberts


May Day Wheel at St Anne's House - 2022

Sticks, Flowers, Rocks, Found stuff

Digital Drawing made over Bristol, Uk, using Google Earth - 2020

Woven Sun Cross, made in St. Anne's, posted by mail to Callanais Stones, where it was burnt at Summer Solstice Full Moon - 2022

Grass, Royal Mail, Fire

Map Of Ancient Britain With Threads - 2022

OS Map of Ancient Britain, Gold Thread, Masking Tape

Portal In The Woods, Troopers Hill, Bristol - 2022

Branches, Sticks, Ivy, Trees

Map Of Ancient Britain With Threads, Detail - 2022

Digital Geoglyph - 2022

Digital Drawing Made on Google Earth

We Need To Fix This (Blood On The Altar) - 2022

Fabric, Maps, Thread, Wood, Acrylic, Inks, Needle

Digital Geoglyph - 2022

Digital Drawing Made on Google Earth